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        Advanced Google Searching
        How to get the best out of Google and improve search results

        Essential non-Google search tools for researchers
        General search and specialist alternatives to Google

        Free search tools for scientific information
        Options for searching and viewing scientific papers and information free of charge

        Navigating the Deep Web
        Advanced search strategies for researchers

        Social Search
        When and how to use social media and professional networks as part of your search strategy

        Business information resources
        Key internet resources for business information concentrating on free and PAYG

        Market research and statistics
        Resources and search techniques for tracking down quality market research and statistics

        Free government, official and legal resources
        How to track down current and past papers, policy documents, legislation and official research

        Finding and using open data
        Tools and techniques for finding and using open data sets

        Assessing the quality of information
        How to separate the good from the bad and exceedingly ugly

        Advanced Google Searching

        Coronavirus - please note that all face to face training sessions and workshops have been suspended

        Google has radically changed the way in which it analyses, sorts and presents search results and more changes are on the way. To complicate matters changes in legislation now dictate what Google is allowed to show us for certain types of searches. Understanding how Google works and the effect of legislation on search is essential to developing strategies that find the information that best fits our needs.

        Much of the time Google comes up with information that is "good enough": Sometimes, though, we need to be sure that we are seeing all points of view and really are finding the key resources, especially if we are conducting in depth research on a topic.

        This workshop will look at the way Google gathers and processes information, the regulatory environment and how we can ensure Google runs the search we want so that we get the best possible results.

        Topics include:

        • recent developments and changes in the way Google works and their impact on search results
        • the effect of regulatory changes and legal challenges on the content that can be displayed
        • how Google customises your results
        • how to focus your research with search options and advanced techniques
        • Google's specialist tools and databases
        • what Google is good at and when you should consider alternatives

        This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. The techniques and approaches covered can be applied to all subject areas.

        This workshop is usually run as a full day, hands on event with opportunities for participants to experiment and try out the techniques for themselves. It can be condensed into a half day session or a seminar concentrating on key elements. Sections of this workshop can be presented as a webinar. Please contact Karen Blakeman for further information.


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