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      1. About

        I started my working life with a degree in microbiology and on graduation worked at the Central Public Health Laboratory as a scientific officer. I?was soon enticed into the world of electronic information and spent?ten years in the pharmaceutical and health care industry working as an?information scientist. I then moved to the international management?consultancy group Strategic Planning Associates before becoming a?freelance consultant and setting up my own company RBA Information Services in 1989. I now provide training and advice on search, social media and collaborative tools.

        The services I offer include:

        • training on advanced Internet search techniques
        • advice, seminars and workshops on sources of business information
        • consultancy on social networks and collaborative tools
        • help with identifying and evaluating quality sources of information
        • customised in-house workshops

        ?There is more information about me and what I do at http://www.shugle.com/

        News and comments on search tools and electronic resources for research